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GPS Tracker provides more than tools to monitor the location of your valuable assets. Besides the standard location reports,maps and alerts, the system also has a fleet management system that allows you to monitor fuel, manage preventive maintenance and repairs of your fleet, cost analysis and more.

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Customized Solutions

Besides the standard Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management, our system can be customized based on your company's needs. Here are a few examples of our customized solutions.

GPSTracker M2M Mobile app
available at

Bus Tracker

Keep track of the location and status of your bus including routes taken and estimated arrival times. Receive alerts when your driver is overspeeding or idling.

Container Van Management

Monitor the status and location of your containers. Receive alerts when a container has been opened, moved or has entered a specified area.

Product Delivery System

Assign and monitor deliveries of your products, and provide your customers information like status and location of their orders.

Refrigerated Van Tracker

Monitor your Vehicle's temperature and customize alerts to inform you when temperature is below or above your specified values.

Tanker Truck Monitoring

Monitor your tanker's fuel levels and stop locations to prevent pilferages and tampering

Taxi Dispatch System

Dispatch your taxis effectively and efficiently by knowing the nearest available taxis within a specified area

GPSTracker Fuel Integrity Tracking

Cargo Visibility and Integrity Tracking